Can a Hindu Daughter married in 1995 ask for her property share in Father properties?

Can a Hindu Daughter married in 1995 ask for her property share in Father properties? Her father already donate his propertties to his younger brother in 2007 and he have only one daughter.
My father donate his all property to my uncle because my uncle give money to my father for my marriage and another work. I am only one child of my father. Can I claim for my father properties.

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  1. Your question is a little confusing. In last sentence “he” means what?

    In any case ,if the property of father is self acquired he has all rights to dispose of in the manner he wants and you have no claim over that. And if the property is inherited one your father does not have absolute rights over that property. You have rights of your share on inherited property.

  2. During the life time of your father you cannot seek any share in the property owned by him.
    If he had already transferred his property to another person during his life time, that too you cannot claim after his death.
    Your marital status hardly effect your legal inheritance right with regard to property of your father, but as told you above you can claim it if that property was existing in his name at the time of his death if he is no more alive and if he is alive you have no right to seek any share in that property from your father.

  3. The answer given by RNPKB is correct in law, as the Hindu Succession Act is amended few years back,recognising the right of women for equal share in the inherited property of her parents.If the property of the father is inherited,alienation of such property to any other person can be challenged in a Court of law.