Can a Co-applicant to a home loan, not a co-owner, claim HRA benfit?

I need to know if I can get HRA benefit while being a co-applicant on a home loan. I am becoming co-applicant just to increase the loan limit of the loan taker and I would not be the owner or co-owner of the property.

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  1. no as they have to take the deed in to show proof of ownership, u as co-maker will not be on the deed !
    R U aware that if u try to buy a vehicle or a home loan they will average the amount of that monthly loan including taxes and insurance as a liability against u ?? R U sure u want to do this ?? this is worse than a marriage at least u can file the big “D” but u ain’t getting out of this if that person fails your tail is on the line..However I would suggest u to have them apply for their own refi loan in2 years this should be enough time for them to build up their credit line, have this in writing ….Most all mortgage company’s have a internet site to follow when pmts are made, I suggest u keep up on this ..Don’t worry about looking like a j/a this is a business Venture treat it like that !!
    LIGHT BULB MOMENT !!! If they have to use your credit to increase the amout of the loan that means that their ratio’s does not reflect they can afford a higher monthly for their income ….
    I don’t mean to be negative here but I am a Realtor and the horror story’s I have heard is amazing …

    good luck !!

  2. The truth of the matter is that mortgage related issues can be very complicated and sometimes confusing. So, you are not alone with your question. I found a great site when searching for an answer to your question that I think you will find useful:

    Hope this helps!

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