7 Replies to “Can a bank put a lien on my savings account?”

  1. Yes. As you pay your payments thru cheques, they have the data in which bank you are maintaining the account. Even, If you open a new account with other bank, they can find out from the global list where you an account. If you are habitual user of Credit card, it is better to clear of the dues and surrender the credit card for peace of mind and healthy personal financial management.

  2. PAMMU get out of the credit section you haven’t one single clue!

    If as you ste it were the same bank then if the fine print allows that it would be taken from your savings account. IF however it is a different bank with no connections to your CC bank then no without a court order it can not be taken from your savings. Now if you have that account slated for auto withdrawals then yes it could be taken.

    Honestly the answer is in that fine print people are to hell bent on getting and running up a cc they never read it.

  3. Citibank cannot touch your money in another bank. They must have a court order before they can get money from you other than using a collection agency. As you said it they just take it if it was the same bank. You’re safe for now.

  4. Citi bank people are considered the best in the industry in recovering credit card dues.

    not a happy situation !

    well! now for the legal position.

    A bank has right of general lien on what ever it holds till its due are paid. ie it can retain the amount or any other asset that is deposited with them.till the dues are paid.

    It cannot right away appropriate the balance in your account are dispose of the asset with out observing certain legal formalities. But it has every right to refuse to pay it or part with it.

    In your case since the account is in some other bank they can not exercise this right.

    So they cannot freeze your account.

    However you are not out of trouble.They will upload the details of your default on NET in the web page of CIBIL. UNLESS ONE GETS A CLEAN REPORT FROM THE CIBIL NO BANK WILL ENTERTAIN YOU FOR ANY KIND OF CREDIT FACILITIES OR CREDIT CARD.

    this is,in addition to their right to recover the amount legally or otherwise.

    Best option is: approach the bank. If you are in financial problems,appraise your condition to them and ask for sympathetic consideration. Some banks are known to give some concession in the amount payable.

  5. They can if they sue you in court and get a judgment to put a lien on your account at HDFC. But, you will get plenty of notice that they are doing that, and you have to appear in court first.

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