Can a bank account be hacked by just account number and basic details?

Actually im selling my laptop to a person which lives in nigeria and the payment method is bank hes asking me my account details(account no. etc).Im finding out that can i be hacked by just handing the account details to others.

Can a bank account be hacked by just account number and basic details?
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  1. The best thing to do is not even use that type of method of transaction. Using paypal, or in person is the best way to to deal with that. Giving out personal information like that won’t get you hacked, but it will allow another person to take that information and use it otherwise. Identity theft and things of that sort are more to worry about then hacking.

  2. yes it can, it can be put on counterfeit cheque’s, for example.

    it can be used to setup fake direct debit instructions.

    Do not give anybody your bank details,especially not someone from the fraud and con capital of the world !!!!

    Use something like western union money transfer or paypal.

  3. Yes, if you have set up you net banking password reset procedure dependent upon some of your basic details. I would advise you to sell your laptop to someone in your own locality, so that you can take necessary steps in case something wrong happens. There are many possibilities in the transaction you want to do.
    First, assuming that he will transfer money only after he receives the laptop, what can you do, if that person doesn’t transfer any money in your account even after receiving your laptop? Or worse, what can you do, if he tells that he has never received your laptop (and the laptop has been mistakenly delivered to somebody else)? What if he sends money less than what he agreed to pay you?
    Second, assuming that he gives you money, but he reads all your private files in your laptop and comes to know all your browsing history (including your internet banking data)? In this case, he can then withdraw any amount of money from your account.

  4. It’s a scam. With your bank account info and your name they will empty your account. The scammers running these scams also make fake IDs. All they need to do is have one of their associates in your country make a fake ID in your name but their photo, walk into any branch of your bank, fill out a withdrawal slip with your account number, walk up to the window, show the fake ID, and your account is emptied within hours

    There is NO reason why someone in Nigeria would have been looking for a used laptop in your country to begin with, and no reason why they would pay to ship a laptop when they could buy the same laptop for much cheaper in Nigeria

  5. kya koi bhai is sbi acaount me paise dlwa skta h plz help me anyone
    AC number – 30967344553,
    Bank name – sbi,
    Name – veer singh,
    address – haryana (india).

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