business is sucking rightnow and lots of loan amount on my forehead please help me out?

myself Amitaabh and I have established paper factory named Astha Handmade Paper but there is no profit at all even the money is flowing out from home and I could not think how’d I give the loan installment to sum up the loan amount as soon as possible ,please if you can solve this very problem then I would think u as a god.

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  1. need more details from you.Judge on the following points:
    1.your ability to put in more funds.
    2.Market situation i.e prices may go up for your products/raw material prices will come down ?
    3.Alternate source of income.

  2. Handmade paper is a value added product – of course you must be knowing this – and gets better price than other papers.

    Have you ever created products like carry bags, greeting cards, folders to carry documents etc.? Such products offer better profits with increased prices. TRY some thing like this.

    Try cutting down on your expenses ( stop all non productive activities).

    Try spreading information about your products. Try free ads on internet. Try free listing on website like indiamart. This will help you in selling more.

    Contact KVIC ( Khadi Village Industries) people in your area. They will help you marketing your products all over India.

    And please get into touch your bankers. Explain your problems and try rescheduling your loan. They will definitely accomodate if your problems are genuine.

    And remember – you must work hard despite all your problems. It will only solve your financial difficulties.

    I wish you all the best.

  3. Amitaabh
    what your raw materail, is it waster paper.
    what is your final product, like do you make packing paper or paper for visiting card , diary and where is your unit located.

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