booking air ticket need Credit Card authorisation letter?

Recently i use online booking 4 tickets of air indian express airline for our workers and the payment is make by my boss credit card.

I would like to know how the process for the credit card payment.

What’s the authorise letter for self-attested?

Any customer service number for this airline?
Please advise.

Thank you so much…..

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  1. All you require is a xerox copy of the credit card, showing the credit card holder’s name. That’s the authorization. Moreover, these days the ground staff does not check the credit card holder’s name against the traveler’s name, so you don’t need too worried.

  2. due to security measurses all credit card for online payments are required to register with visa verification. so u must register your self in above registration and then proceed with online payment there will a demand of this registration’s password. if password is correct yr transaction is okay.

  3. yes, this is just for verification purpose. it is completely safe when you book ticket with reputed provider.

    Main and most important thing is when you provide scan copy of your credit card front and back you rub or remove your ccv number.