Best Retirement Planner?

Whats the best retirement planner available in India for people less than 35 yrs…scope to pay for 20 yrs !

Best Retirement Planner?
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  1. There is no retirement plan that can be believed 100%.

    1.All the mutal funds say “all investments are risky depending on the market conditions”
    2.Most of the insurance life planners are foreign collaborations. Who knows when they will run away from this country like FIIs?
    3.Investment in shares and stocks are too dangerous. Who know when the market crashes?

    The best planner is to put the money in government approved institutions where there is GOI guarantee.
    1.Post office savings
    2.Bank fixed deposits
    3.Public providend funds
    5.Government Bonds
    6.Fixed deposit in government owned companies
    7.Investment in navarathan govt.companies like ONGC.

  2. Yes … to plan for retirement in early years is a good idea.
    Further, in what ever manner or with what ever Cos. you go with, this will give the fund ample scope to enlarge and to help you in old days.
    Look … most of the institutions below do not take investments for more than 10 yrs ( for law’s sake )
    – all Banks
    – Post Office – ( not confirmed )
    – Cos.
    The natural choice/s will be the Insurances or others.
    Not in a position to recommend a name … thanks

  3. If you take any pension plan, you should know the tax implecation of return.

    On maturity, you will get one third amount as tax free. Rest will be used to buy annuity(pension). Annuity rate is always less then Fix deposit rate. Pension is added to your income & is taxable as per the existing tax law.

    Now best plan. If you take any traditional plan, it will give you an effective return of 5-6%.(8-9 % return but rest 3-4% will be absorbed by the charges taken by these insurance companies). ULIP return depend on market condition & may very between 10-15% in long run(that too suffer due to 5-8% charge in long run.)

    When you invest in a pension plan, you just make a corpus. This can be done by any other mean too. You will save a lot of charges taken by these insurance companies this way.

    Available option is to use PPF( if do not want to take risk) or Equity/balance mutual fund. You should expect a return of 8-9% in PPF(without any charge) & 15-25% in mutual fund in long run. Then you can invest in MIP schemes to get a pension..

    If you have already decided to go for a pension plan , then take a single premium plan & then topup it. It will save a lot for you.

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