3 Replies to “Best Pension Plan at the age 38?”

  1. There are many good pension plans. Some of them are Reliance Golden Year Plan, LIC pension plans, HDFC pension plans, ICICI Pension plan etc. In my opinion your should go for LIC pension plan as you get guaranteed payment on maturity. Policyholders of LIC get government guarantee under insurance act of 1956. You can check some other features of LIC pension plan from here: http://www.licindia.com/pension_plans_001_features.htm

  2. hi sir
    there is one plan named LIC’s MARKET PLUS 1.
    In this plan you have to pay minimum monthly ECS premium Rs 1000/- (max no limit.) You have to pay for minimum 5 yrs.You get tension free PENSION (guaranteed) for your LIFE TIME . Then after, your nominee can choose pension or full amount. Expected minimum pension is Rs 500/- for Rs 1000/- monthly premium for 5 yrs term.If you want more pension you have to pay more premium per month.If you are interested pls call me at 09444153927or choose any wellknown LIC AGENT near to your area. I am in chennai.
    thank you
    your wellwisher

  3. Hi. I’m a wealth manager in Inference Wealth Management Services Pvt Ltd. No doubt there are lot of companies offering pension plans as stated by above people but i think you should have a look at the New Pension Scheme which government have started since 1st May 2009. You can get more information from Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority’s website:-

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