5 Replies to “best mutual fund to invest?”

  1. I think HDFC growth is better as compared to others . Dont consider the mutual fund from recent downturn .

    Check returns of MF S from moneycontrol.com

  2. Most fund managers underperform the S&P, plus they charge outrageous fees for the “service”. You can avoid the high trade fees, front end, back end and maintenance fees by establishing an account with an online broker and buying SPY. It tracks the S&P exactly. Go to YahooFinance, type SPY in the quote box, click get quote, select basic technical analysis, select 1 year, select S&P, click compare. The graphs are so identical you can’t tell them apart. Try to avoid middle men whenever you can, especially fund managers and “full service” brokers.

  3. HDFC funds have been performing better compared to the Kotak funds. But when it comes to the large cap funds like top 100 and top 200, Sundara’s select focus fund is better

  4. choose HDFC top 200. it edges out K30 on the fund house background and track record. hdfc growth fund is suitable only for value investor.

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