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  1. Life insurance at age 62 is going to cost an Arm and a Leg.
    A better idea may be to put those monthly payments into a savings account.
    Some people call this becoming “self Insured”. Many people do this instead.

    Also, does he really need insurance?
    He does not need it if he has no dependents that cannot survive without his income.
    Money in his savings should cover funeral costs in case he passes.

  2. Cut off age for assigning a new policy is around 65, so him being 62 is going to cost a significant amount. What the above mentioned about putting money into a savings is a good idea, but the real concern should be: What does he need life insurance for? If his estate is fairly large and is fully taxable upon his death, then life insurance would be good. If not and he only really needs to take care of final expenses, then maybe AARP would be the best choice.

    As for health insurance… I’m not too sure, that’s not my field..

  3. HDFC Ergo’s Health Suraksha is a best mediclaim for you and your family. It covers yours all hospitalization and other related expenses for any sickness and accidental injuries.

  4. Hey Serene,

    I can help you out with a health plan. I personally feel you should have a look at Royal Sundaram health insurance as they are known for the best service i.e. the network hospitals, online enrollment etc. Recently I had come across this article that might help you out.

  5. I recently bought health insurance for my grand parents.Maximum entry age – 65 years . Extended coverage till 75 years in the case of Renewals.Fast claim process and easy premium options are available . And my company its leading insurance company in India so may be its helps you .

  6. Hi Serene,

    We offer both life and health plans, which are comprehensive and affordable.

    Our added benefits for our health plan are: Guaranteed payout even if the claim is less : We
    pay you a fixed claim amount, even if your actual expenses are lowerDual Claim : You get a guaranteed amount in addition to the payment you would have received from other health plansGuaranteed fixed premium rate for 3 years : This means even if you have a claim in year 1 or 2, the premium will not increaseRenewal guarantee till 100 years of age : We guarantee the renewal of the mediclaim policy till 100 years of age

    Our health insurance plan is offered online, so making premium payment will be very convenient.

    As for our life insurance policies we offer 4 such plans:
    Protection plans are Term Plans which provide only life cover. These plans can help you get adequately covered and secure your family financially in case of unfortunate event. These are low cost life insurance plans

    Unit Linked Insurance Plans or ULIPs as they are commonly called are a form of Savings Plans that help you save and grow your money. ULIPs are a category of goal-based financial solutions that combine the safety of life insurance protection with wealth creation opportunities

    Savings Plans help you save and grow your money. Savings Plan is a category of goal-based financial solutions that offers wealth creation opportunities. At AEGON Religare Life Insurance we have created products that cater to these very needs.

    Retirement Plans – The rising inflation has put the fear of the unseen in every working person’s life. Today, more than ever, it is vital that you save for the golden years post retirement so that you can maintain your lifestyle as today.

    Hope this helps.

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