Best Investment plans for the future..?

Hi, My age is 32 and soon going to get married. What can be the best savings/investment plan to save for the future. I’m very new to stocks/trading.

Any suggestions and ideas welcome…

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Best Investment plans for the future..?
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  1. Please stay away from Stock/trading. If you have good saving then the way to invest and get handsome return in future is to invest i real estate. here you have no chance to go rates down.

  2. If where you work has a 401K plan, join it to the
    matching amount. Also start a ROTH IRA in one or
    more mutual fund companies. A company rep. will
    be glad to help you get started and their advice is
    free. Fidelity, AmericanCentury or Vanguard.

  3. Start with SIP in a mutual fund. Visit to understand mutual funds.

    Invest only in the top rated funds ( 4* OR 5*) preferably large cap funds like HDFC TOP 200 / DSPBR top 100 or balanced fund like HDFC PRUDENCE.

    Avoid putting too much money in INSURANCE. For Life Insurance , stick to PURE TERM PLANS.

    Invest in PPF a/c. It is a good pension fund.

    You can divert part of your savings in DIRECT EQUITY after a few years of experience. For this you will have to open a demat a/c .

  4. You need to plan your NEEDS and then invest accordingly. What I mean is first jot down when u need a lumpsum amount, maybe for ur marriage, a house, a car, children education and so on. Accordingly make a strategy for ur investments, so that u hv enough money at the time of need.
    There are quite a few options for investments……….. Bank Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits. Post office KVPs, NSC, Term deposit. These are guranteed investments but returns are comparatively lower. if you can afford some risk go for some well-diversified Mutual Fund in a Systematic Investment Plan or buying shares directly. The returns are expected to higher in this case.Also take a good Mediclaim policy and a Term insurance.Try avoiding ULIPs.
    However, your entire portfolio should be a mixed one containing investment in both debt and equity. What percentage you will allocate in either of them, depends on the amount of risk u can afford.

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