10 Replies to “Best insurance policy in terms of returns?”

  1. well i think that duh inseranse polisie in that terms is like that so i can defeanately know that and that is the best thing for the inseranse polisie in tearmz of retorns so that i know…..

  2. as per rtn consurt that all depend upon your age noraly lic jeevan anand policy is good rtn bcz after maturiety risk cover will continue in that policy.also jeevan tarang its all depend on your risk chages

  3. Insurance is not for investment. So there is no policy as such. Go for pure term plan & balance invest in either PPF or diversified 5 star equity mutual funds.

  4. Respected sir , if you want to take an insurance policy according to return then you will be disappointed here. But on the other side if you eager to know some good return with insurance then always go with simple endowment plan , because more the flavour more the price.

  5. INSURANCE IS AN EXPENSE. Not an avenue for investment.

    Ideally if you do not have insurance as long as nothing happens to you till retirement , you and your nominee will be in the best financial situation.

    But when you have dependents , you cannot take a chance. So buying TERM PLAN is a SAFER OPTION.

    No insurance policy will make you richer than what you are today.

    If nominee receives the money , he is the biggest loser. Insurance money will only give him or her a temporary financial relief. Nominee will be in a better financial situation if nothing happens to the policy holder.

    So stick to PURE TERM PLAN. And invest more in a combination of PPF and SIP in Mutual Funds

  6. Hi Manoj, you can invest in Aegon Religare’s Unit Linked Insurance Policies, that serve as great means of long-term savings, structured to give you miximum benefit along with life cover. In simple words, investment in ulips is great combination of protection and investment. To know more, visit http://bit.ly/PKNhx6

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