Best Company for Pension Plans?

I am from India and aged 22 years. I want to invest around Rs. 2 Lacs in a Pension Plan and was considering LIC of India but they pays pension only till you gets age of 100 years and if By-Chance I passes age of 100 years then they will stop my pension.

I want to invest as single amount in pension plan at the age of 22 years and start getting pension immediately or after 3 years max.

Please suggest good companies and their pension plans which pays even after you gets above the age of 100 years.

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  1. You have a very aggressive plan. I wanted to employee Mukesh Ambani immediately after starting my company. Think about money I needed to get him to my payroll.

    his net worth is 2 lak crore ( approx). his driver salary is Rs 20k. So think about money I need to pay him that kind of salary.

    Boy come down to earth and have a real plan that should work. All Lic plan are fake and no use for them.

    Instead invest in PPF for 30yrs and have small MF protfolio. that may give you some comfort..

  2. Hi

    As for your requirement ULIP is the solution. Purchase any Ulip with the term of 3 yrs (Subject To Mkt Risk) This year you shall get Tax benefit & after 3 years whatever be the value of your 2 lacs Insurance co will start your pension after your term is complete. LIC will pay pension till last breath.

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    To get good pension , the trick is to create as big a corpus as possible before retirement .

    To create a big corpus go for a combination of PPF / SIP in mutual funds / Direct equity.

    Pension can be created anytime by investing in IMMEDIATE ANNUITY at that time.

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