Best child investment plan in India ?

My girl child is 2 yrs old, I am earning 25 K Pre Month. Which is the best investment plan with good returns.

Best child investment plan in India ?
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  1. First of all avoid any child insurance programmes.
    Get yourself insured by getting a good term insurance.
    I hope you can save 5000 pm.
    Divide it in 4 parts like
    1- 1000 pm SIP in Large Cap Mutual Fund
    2- 1000 pm SIP in Mid-cap and small-cap MF
    3- 1000 pm SIP in Gold MF like AIG World Gold Fund
    4- 2000 pm in PPF

    Hope this solves your query.

  2. Considering that the amount is to be invested for your child’s benefit and considering your income You should ideally invest in a growth style equity mutual fund through the monthly or weekly SIP route. Enroll for a growth option, if you do not require the money, as this facilitates compounding. While selecting a fund (which follows the growth style), go in for a fund which follows sound investment systems and processes.

    Also, if you are thinking of planning for child’s education or marriage, “x” number of years hence, then you should also take the expert advice of a financial planner.

  3. Avoid any insurance plan for the child. You can invest in PPF / SIP in Mutual Funds. / You can also invest in ELSS under your name and save tax under 80C . Nominee can be your child with mother as guardian.

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