bank reconciliation statement and bank entries?

I just started studying accountancy.I am a maths graduate and don hav any accounting i am studying bank reconciliation.But in the text they gave the format.but i cant understand the banking entries like check issued but not paid,issued not presented,check paid not cleared ,
such things.
i am studying finalaccounts only to get a job.But to study, bank reconciliation ,is it necessary to study banking?
If no need can you explain the meaning and entries for the terms like paid ,issued,cleared,not presented ,both in pass book and cash book.
then can i study bank reconciliation easily?

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  1. tell u what just go through 11th standard book of accountancy and u will get to know the basics of accountancy
    but like u mentioned u r studying this only to get a job in bank [i suppose] than i think u would get some kind of training from the bank itself about the work u r supposed to do