Bank of Baroda location?

Can anyone please tell me where Bank of Baroda is located in Sector 15, Gurgaon? I need some directions to reach it…any landmark or rough idea would also help me..
Searching for it while in sector 15 would waste a lot of time…
it is the only BoB branch in Gurgaon that is open from 8 am to 8 pm…
Called the branch for the details, but like every sarkari bank, did not help much!

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  1. Call the branch itself! And seek the directions from them. They will certainly help, I think. Find the telephone numbers here:

    EDIT: Ohhhh, sorry to hear that they dint help. Anyways, I googled it and it said its on Mehrauli Road. And BoB’s website also says its on Delhi-Alwar road. So go there and ask any ‘paan-wallah’ on the roadside. They always know the exact topography of the area. Good Luck. On the lighter side, I wish you had N95! hehehe….. (though I don’t have it either!)

    However, try calling them at 8.05pm. Usually the chowkidaar will pick up the phone. And you can negotiate with him to help you.

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