Bank is refuses to issue a credit card without assigning any reason?

After taking my all documents as required by the bank, the bank is now refuses to issue a credit card without assigning any reason and also not returning my document. In this regard to whom should i contact ?

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  1. That sucks that they won’t give back your documents. I don’t know the rules and regulations on that, so I couldn’t tell you why they held on to them. I can help you, however. I was browsing the deal store earlier and they have a credit card matching service for people with either bad credit or people that can’t get approved for a card. It wouldn’t hurt to try it out because it’s free, according to the deal store, and they’re a legit site.

    Let me know if you have any questions, I put the link in my source.


  2. A bank is not required to issue a credit card. However, if their decision was based on information in your credit report, then they must tell you that and must tell you which credit reporting agency they used.

    U.S. passports and social security cards are property of the federal government, not you. If anyone refuses to return them, you should immediately notify the agency that issued them; the federal government will demand the document from whomever has it and/or will issue a new one to you.

    If the document is the bank’s own application form, there is no reason for them to return it.

  3. bank do not issue credit card
    your credit record is check by the credit card bureau and if you have no credit or no job you are not going to get a credit card
    have you check your credit report lately?
    that might where the problem is

  4. Fed law says they have up to 60 days to give the reason for denial
    As for your record I see no reason they are holding them.
    All they owe you back are your docs that you brought obviously for support. They do not have give you any copies even the orig app became theirs. They are not even allowed in certain if not all states to show you the agency report where they obtained their info, just the name or names of the agencies.

  5. You will get a letter in the mail stating why you where denied, most likely based upon reports from X credit score company. You then can request a free copy of a report from that company to see what is wrong with your credit

  6. Here is the legal aspect of this issue.

    The bank has the right to accept or deny any application for a credit card based on the various parameters they have.

    BUT, at the same time, there are acts like the Data Protection Act in the UK, (I am not sure of acts in other countries, but I am sure there are such acts in India and the US) which says that in anycase data provided by a customer or an applicant cannot be misused or misinterpreted in any way that goes against the terms and conditions.

    In short, you have the right to take the documents back. Some banks might have it in their terms and conditions to send only original documents back. For example, they might send your original payslip back but not the photocopy of your electricity bill.

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