2 Replies to “Bajaj Allianz Shield Plus is offering 2% extra premium allocation if I buy it online?”

  1. It is good offer for those who like to invest in ULIP plans. But dear Investor ULIPS are very risky as compare to traditional plans. If you don’t have proper knowledge of that plan and Market condition. please avoid this offer.

    All gliters are not Gold. Dont hurry to earn more money from ULIPS.

  2. Dear Swati,

    Bajaj Allianz Shield Plus is not a good plan to invest in.They might give you extra premium allocation of 2% but they will be charging you about 17% as policy administration charges over the course of 10 years. A detailed article on this plan can be found at http://blog.moneyraam.com/2010/05/bajaj-allianz-shield-plus-why-not-to-invest.html . You can also find the product brochure of the plan at http://www.bajajallianzlife.co.in/admin/brochures/Shield%20Plus.pdf .

    Happy investing,

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