Bajaj Allianz Capital Unit Gain Policy?

I have taken bajaj allianz capital unit gain policy and my annual premium is 50000, i have invested to get good returns and the returns shown by the agent is too high…is it true and will i get that much of amount….if anyone has analysed deeply please let me know for which i will be thankful

Bajaj Allianz Capital Unit Gain Policy?
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  1. Hai..

    This is good plan, according to your allocation ur returns will, this will based on the market rate only..

    as they said you the amount wil be invested on shares and you will get a solid return..

    As per IRDA they allocation and its return will be in 10%, but according to the last 2 years bajaj is providing u a 48% of returns which is an record so dont worry not even you get as per they said you will get a good return.

  2. as per IRDA its mandatory to show only 6 and10 percent return and ask him to show actual performance of bajaj and the return given to other investor their a/c statment then u wil know the truth

  3. All type of ULIP are subject to various charges, that eat most of your return in short term. As you have already taken a ULIP, you should continue it for full term.

    Please note that increase in NAV is not your return. You will have to give various charges.

    My estimate is that if the long term return is 25 % , you will get 15-20 % effective return.

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