As an Agent of Life insurance company, Is it really difficult to give policies to people?

I am going to be an agent in max life insurance company from december, So I am in a dilemma if its very hard for us to convince people to have policies?

As an Agent of Life insurance company, Is it really difficult to give policies to people?
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7 Replies to “As an Agent of Life insurance company, Is it really difficult to give policies to people?”

  1. It is very hard to call up people while they are eating dinner to try to sell them whole life insurance.
    You can bet your bananas on this.
    I hope you are not paying anything upfront for this.
    And know that if you don’t see, you don’t make any money.

    Smart people know to shop around on their own.
    They want good companies that have been around for decades, and they want a good price. And smart people like term life – not whole.

  2. yes its hard nut to i m also finacial advisor in metlife company..i joined in may this yr but i m able to do only 20 policy till now out those 20 policies 8 r of my relatives….but one u get going u will find it easy …jus set ur target evry month i set my target that i will earn at least 15k frm comission .for that i gave plans like of 10000 per yr n v agents get 30%of it.that b 3k.after awile jus increase ur level accordingly.looks insurance is all abt RISK TRANSFER ..if u r able to make them understand this point u will get goin for sure…n try to give plans wid rider benefits …that u will learn in training period (if not held)…try to convince giving examples…..n one more thing as max life insurance is private company pple might deny it …but dont worry for as all insurance companies r regulated by IRDA…convince at this point… to start wid u go with ur family ,relative n ur neighours….u will get atleast 12 polices .around them..then go in ur freind circle….its bit difficult cause it not products sellin rather plan selling ..n rember if u do well in this sector ..this experince will count in future it most diffuclt sector to cop up……..i think my answer looks like an essay sorry ..i saherd all my experince till now..hope u got it……..gud luck….

  3. yes
    becoz you are with max life insurance agent
    becoz people do not trust private insurance companies in india
    hence to built your career as an life insurance agent
    take agency of LIC OF INDIA
    contact your nearest LIC Branch
    all the best
    for your information
    you are wasting time enrgy and moral with max life
    join LIC today

  4. Donot worry,your development officer/supervisor will train you.after some time you will be successful in this job.have confidence in yourself.

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