Are there any new ULIP’s out?

I need a ULIP and was wondering if any new one was out..

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  1. Yes Kotak started a new plan, name Kotak Super Advantage Plan.
    In this plan you will get a guranteed benefit on Ist year premium. No Allocation Charges on premium 2nd year onwards. Other policies are having very high Allocation charges 30 % in Ist year, 8 to 20 % in 2nd year, 5 to 10 % in 3rd year, and 1 % thereafer. This plan gives you full value of your money.
    No surrender charges after 5 years of policy. All fund management charges reduce to 1.35 % (previously 2%).
    If you are interested in Investment and saving Income Tax. Invest your money in Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance. This will give you a proper investment plan which suits your requirements. If you invest 25,000 per year and taking a policy for 20 years, in 20 years if market gives you the return at 15 % rate, your total amount after 20 years will be 21,00,000 (21 Lac). For your kind information return in popular funds of Kotak are given below:
    1. Kotak Opportunities fund, 76.6 % last year.
    2. Kotak Aggressive growth fund, 79.4 % last year.
    3. Kotak Dynamic floor fund, 28.7 % last year.
    You can check the performance of these funds by logging on the Kotak website i.e.

    If you intersted plaese call or sms me on 9999088173, Vinay Kumar, Life Insurance Advisor, Delhi.

    Thanx & Regards
    Vinay Kumar

  2. There are many ULI Plans in the market, But first you have to prioritise one of the two things. Do u need insurance cover or looking for investment point of view. If you are having a view for insurance then Birla Dream plan is the best as it has a facility to enhance your cover as most of the companies only give 10 times insurance cover on your premium,there is only one draw back with this plan that is most of your investment will be done in Debth funds that means bit less return and more security for your funds else pension plans are available for investments for your old age.

  3. There’s a new plan launched with ICICI Prudential with absolutely no charges.
    0% allocation charges throughout the term and the best part is 2% bonus from the 6th year onwards.
    for any clarifications u can call me on +91 9686533331 and my email id is [email protected].

    Raj Kumar

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