Are the following funds good to invest through SIP for a period of 5yrs?

Equity diversified (mid cap & large cap): UTI dividend yield (G); UTI opportunities fund (G); Reliance regular savings equity (G); Reliance growth (G); SBI Magnum contra (G). Please suggest if there are any other better funds.

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  1. See it depends on the Amount u will invest. Better u shld go for SIP. Well Im also new to MF , but from my experience u shld buy first Reliance regular savings equity (G); Then UTI Dividend Yield Fund (G) then UTI Dividend Yield Fund (G) then SBI Magnum contra

    better funds SBI Magnum Global Fund (G), Franklin Prima Plus, Reliance Infrastructure

  2. if you want safe invest more than trade you can invest in lic of india
    unit linked plans -tax free-income-with life insurance

  3. All the funds selected by you have performed very well in the past but then past performance is not a guarantee for the future performance.

    Always invest in Mutual Fund through SIP.

    you should divide your invt in atleast 5-6 different funds like

    1. Reliance Regular Savings
    2. SBI Magnum Contra
    3. Reliance Growth
    4. Axis Equity
    5. HDFC TOP 200

    Thank You

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