Are NRIs allowed to invest in PPF?

Are NRIs allowed to invest in PPF every year and what is the max they can invest? Appreciate your inputs

Are NRIs allowed to invest in PPF?
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  1. Yes Definitely. But the NRI’s should have any NRI savings Account in India. Apart from Post Offices, UTI offers this facility I know. Maximum amount at present I’m not sure but earlier was Rs. 4 Lacs

  2. If the account is opened as resident Indians and subsequently if you are a NRI, you can still invest in PPF. I understand PPF scheme is also coming to a close sometime by end of this year, which means no new PPF account will be opned after next year, even if you are a resident indian.

    The max is Rs 60,000/year and that is the amount you can also claim IT deductions.

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