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  1. Dear friend, Rain and Industrial growth are going to decrease in coming days, thatswhy, share market will go to down level surely.
    So, Wait for fall and then invest . Dont make hurry,wait and watch.
    I think at startAug-2010 share market will reach upto 18000 mark.
    , due to budget -2009.
    Listen. this budget -2009 is very good for industry growth.

  2. No, it is not going to stabilise.
    The down trend to continue.
    Down trend will be due to global clues and monsoon related worries.

  3. hi purepeace i don’t think nifty and bse are going to stabilise right now. watch out for 3500-3600 levels on nifty while look out for 12700 levels on sensex. we are not fully out of woods yet but may be we are the end of it. We aare in the hands of Fii’s . on Monday u can see some buying but beware!!! look for the oil prices to rise above $80 & from there i think u can start investing as increasing oil prices are the indicators of rising economy.