Are cashless health insurance policies still sold by insurance companies in India &accepted by major hospitals?

I have heard there is a controversy among the insurance companies & major hospitals so cashless facilities are not available at the moment? Thanks

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  1. HARSHfromApnapaisa : Cashless facility is offered by insurance companies to a select list of hospitals that are pre-approved by the Insurance company for this specific purpose. Every insurance company is still offering cashless facility. The controversy that you see in the media was regarding the one time removal of hospitals from the cashless network (the PSU’s call them part of their Preferred Provider Network) of the PSU Insurers only unless they accepted the new rate structures put forward by the PSU Insurance companies. The smaller hospitals signed up and are back in the PSU insurers cashless network but the major hospitals are yet to accept the rates laid down by the PSU insurance companies. The matter is currently (as on September 22, 2010) being discussed at the highest levels between the hospitals and insurance companies with the health ministry also being reportedly involved.

    The cashless network of most private companies continue as before. In fact you can find the current cashless network of each provider on the websites of the individual insurance companies. Please note that for any company there are always some hospitals being added and deleted from the network on a regular basis. This is true for PSU companies as well as private companies. The reason for the ocntroversy was the wholesale removal of hospitals from the cashless facility by the PSU insurers.

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