Application for release of interest money from bank?

Basically, I have an old account in a bank. Accidentally they have debited some money from my account to someone’s other two years back. This has been settled and I have been repaid that amount.

Now I want to claim for interest on that amount from the bank for the tenure two years.

Please help me in writing an application for the same.
Its a saving account and interest is paid on this

Application for release of interest money from bank?
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3 Replies to “Application for release of interest money from bank?”

  1. IF your account is Savings Bank account then Bank has to give you credit of interest for the amount remained in others account.
    You may write to the bank and get one copy of the letter duly receipted by them with bank stamp to settle down the issue of interest and credit your account , due interest on the amount which has escaped due to their mistake within 30 days .If bank still does not settle ,you may approach to the Regional office or Head office to settle the dispute within reasonable time.Even after you do not get any result ,then you may approach to Ombudsman Reserve Bank of India of your Place, and you will definitely get a relief.

  2. You got the money. It is again difficult, cumbersome to get interest for this money. You will be wasting your energy, time to claim this amount.

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