Any way by, i can get the some cash benefit by submitting my Gold.Is there any Bank?

I have Gold of 7-8 lacks. There is any way where i can submit by gold as safe and can gate the some benifit in the term of cash.any bank or any safe and trusted finace company?

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  1. Lot of co-operative Banks, Karur Vysya Bank and other Nationalised Banks also giving Jewel loans. You can safely submit your gold and get cash against your jewels. You have to pay interest timely so that in future also you can adopt the same.

    If your past record is fulfilled by the bank then you continuously get jewel loan from the bank whenever urgency.

  2. Many banks like SBI, IOB, Indian Bank provide loans at @13 to 14% interest against 916 jewells. It is much easier to take loan against jewells than house mortgage. But none of the banks buy gold from anyone even if they had sold 24 carat coins or bars to the same customers. Banks only sell 24 carat 99.999% purity Asay certified gold coins but they do not buy back. So, if you need to sell and get cash, you must checkout with reputed jewellers only.

  3. Do you have the gold in ornamental form or in the form of biscuits or coins.
    Ornamental gold may not be accepted by banks for purchasing. But if you have it in the form of BIS certified coins or biscuits, they can be sold in most of the banks.

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