8 Replies to “any predictions for tomorows nifty n sensex?”

  1. yeah..

    tommorow opening time
    nifty: 14885.59
    sensex: 4428.57

    but by the end of the day, both markets will rise,
    nifty will rise around 500 pts..
    n sensex will rise by 350 pts..

  2. Ric has answered your question topsy turvy – Nifty and sensex figures have been interchanged.
    Sensex is bound to rise high again in the next 2/3 sessions.
    Again Ric has opined a rise of 500 pts in Nifty which means a rise of nearly 1500 in sensex which is not possible.

  3. hi !!

    I thinking positive about tomorrow so I think the nifty and sensex will definitely open high and close high…

    this is what I feel… I heard that FII’s are pouring down in india…so if FII investments are high then definitely stockmarket will be in boom.

  4. since market has started upward trend after 8000 it hasn’t faced any major correction….however there were little bit rangebound but even it’s has been crossed now…..market may have uptrend for 2maro…but correction is very compulsory for strong market….for more details mail me [email protected]

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