Any one there who can tell me about SENSEX?

I always read about the points dipped or raised in sensex market but never got it. Inflation,liquidity type of terms make me confused.
I wanna know all the system of bussiness done with shares n all.

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  1. Sensex is an index of a stock market located in India. An index can show the overall activity of a market. One can get an idea about the performance of the market that whether it is bullish or bearish.
    Its a lengthy topic to discuss here in this small box. You can contact me via my e-mail address to know about the stocks, finance, investments and the economy overall, I would love to answer to these questions as i am a Financial Analyst.

  2. SENSEX is like market where u can do business by selling or purchasing the shares. It so vast that one should understand each and every steps of marketing.

    The company who are having Licensee to do business in sensex can do. but interesting thing is a conman man also come here and try a luck.

    A single share have value of 10 rupees but it can be reach to more the 1000 depend on business of company and annual report.

    And if u want to purchase share then please consult any one who can provide u a right information or just call me 09964288310

  3. The SENSEX was first formed on 1-1-1986 and used the market capitalization of the 30 most traded stocks of BSE. The base was 1979 and taken as 100. The 30 scrips of 1986 and no more the same – some have been removed while some have been added. At irregular intervals, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) authorities review and modify its composition to make sure it reflects current market conditions.

    Today the Sensex constitutes of the following companies:

    Company Name (Industry)

    1. ACC (Cement – Major)
    2. Bharti Airtel (Telecommunications – Service)
    3. BHEL (Engineering – Heavy)
    4. DLF (Construction & Contracting – Real Estate)
    5. Grasim (Diversified)
    6. HDFC Bank (Banks – Private Sector)
    7. HDFC (Finance – Housing)
    8. Hindalco (Aluminium)
    9. HUL (Personal Care)
    10. ICICI Bank (Banks – Private Sector)
    11. Infosys (Computers – Software)
    12. ITC (Cigarettes)
    13. Jaiprakash Associates (Construction & Contracting – Civil)
    14. Larsen & Toubro (Diversified)
    15. Mahindra and Mahindra (Auto – Cars & Jeeps)
    16. Maruti Suzuki (Auto – Cars & Jeeps)
    17. NTPC (Power – Generation/Distribution)
    18. ONGC (Oil Drilling And Exploration)
    19. Ranbaxy Labs (Pharmaceuticals)
    20. Reliance Communications (Telecommunications – Service)
    21. Reliance Industries Limited (Diversified)
    22. Reliance Infrastructure (Power – Generation/Distribution)
    23. State Bank of India (Banks – Public Sector)
    24. Sterlite Industries (Metals – Non Ferrous)
    25. Sun Pharma (Pharmaceuticals)
    26. Tata Motors (Auto – LCVs/HCVs)
    27. Tata Power (Power – Generation/Distribution)
    28. Tata Steel (Steel – Large)
    29. TCS (Computers – Software)
    30. Wipro (Computers – Software)

  4. Sensex is senstivity index of shares in our capital market. They inflate and deflate according to their performance, (like divided payment,Major contract received by company etc) and market condition and also by Govt. Strategies ad regulations regarding their business.

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