2 Replies to “any one tell me bout the sensex rate and how does it grow my money?just overview is enough ……?”

  1. The sensex is the group of selected stocks which have varying wieghtage in it depending on their market valution. The sensex is comprised of 500 stocks, and there are different categories after that like midcap, small cap, and large cap, large cap are bluechip stocks which are expensive but provide a stable and risk free investment option where as midcaps and small caps give much more oppurtunity for your money to multiply and earn good returns on investment. You can check out sites like moneycontrol.com and economictimes.com where you can create virtual protfolios and in time learn how to trade in the stock markets. Wish you luck.

  2. Sensex is the financial (stock market ) indicator of Bombay Stock Exchange.
    If you invest in companies listed on BSE you can track your funds performance based on the performace of the index.(BSE SENSEX)

    Surging Sensex, means your funds are growing and a falling SENSEX indicates a fall in your invested stocks.

    The best way to make profit, is BUY Stocks when SENSEX falls and SELL them when it increases.
    Thereby the differential helps your FUNDS grow.

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