5 Replies to “Any comprehensive annual travel insurance that you recommend?”

  1. You can try IAPA – http://www.iapa.com

    The annual membership fee is 69GBP(US$ 129), which includes free US$ 100,000 travel accident insurance, baggage, car rental, and credit card insurance, with an optional upgrade to increase cover for medical, public transport and trip accident etc. There are also discounted flights and hotels booking and car rental for members, which I think it’s a pretty good deal. You may visit their site for more details.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Squaremouth is a good place to check as it has lots of carriers and products with in-depth comparison options as well as sort by Price and benefit.

    You can also filter the results by the activities plan on doing while away. This will remove policies that do not cover those activities.

    UK residents travel insurance:

    US Residents travel insurance:
    On the US site, annual plans have their own section.

  3. Do you travel internationally? If so, you can get on a plan called The International Citizen Series by Lloyd’s of London.
    if you travel domestically, check out a plan called The Atlas Professional. That plan is specifically designed for the frequent business traveler. You can find them both online at http://www.overseashealth.com
    Youcan even apply right online and print out your ID cards on the spot

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