9 Replies to “After a big shock in the share market should one invest in Mutual Funds?”

  1. I personally would invest in things other than Mutual Funds, but if you are set on Mutual Funds,

    Go to : low-cost-stock-recommendations


    Click on the “Mutual Funds” Button on the Navigation Bar

    If you want a really powerful investment strategy, click on the “DRIP’s” button at the same website. If it appeals to you, click on the “ING” advertisement on the same page. It will tell you how to get started.

    Good Luck

  2. Investing in Mutual fund is always safe. However, you can also think about investing in secondary market, as there are several good scrips available right now on discount. If you are interested in investing for long term, then I would suggest to invest directly in stock market, as you will get more benefit. One of them is Nagarjuna Fertiliser, which is right now at Rs. 42/sher and likely to reach around 80 in 2-3 months. For mutual funds, take advice of any consultant to chose a better option.

  3. Mutual Funds are not always safe……..LOL…….75 % of them underperform the market.

    I agree with the other Guy…….DRIP’s or a fixed income investment……for now

  4. What’s “1 lac Rs”?

    After the 2000 dot-com bubble burst, I looked for mutual funds which performed well in up AND down markets.

    At that time, using Morninstar, I chose QuagX.

    Although some perform best in a bull market and some only perform well when technology stocks are climbing, there are funds which are well-managed and diversified so they beat the market under virtually every condition.

    For comparison, look at BRK-B, QuagX and QQQQ.

    Long term? The WWII baby boomer generation is about to retire. They will clearly need medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, artificial hips, cataract surgery, medtronic defibrillators, …

    The demand will grow even if banks lose billions on mortgages. The demand is impervious to most levels of Federal Reserve tinkering or economic stimulus.

  5. This is the apt time to invest in the stock market . But always use stop loss to exit with limited loss.Before investing generally look at the fundamentals.

  6. I Invest using SIP,so I buy when the market goes down or when it is up,that it average out to a decent Profit.
    So I advise you to Invest through SIP.

  7. For long term MFs are always good bets… You might not see the amount of returns that you can get with directly investing n the stocks… But the risks are also mitigated…

    A bunch of professionals working consistently to make your wealth grow is always safer than you yourself sitting on a trading account round the clock. Especially if you do not understand the share market…

    Market fluctuations are part of the game… If you are not willing to take risks then you should think of FD, VPF, postal savings etc… Remember no business comes without risk… Investing in shares is like directly investing in the business of that company… MFs have some percentage of money in fixed income souces also so you have a diversified investment and thus you mitigate your risks…

    Happy Investing…

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