Advise on ULIP – Withdram or Continue


I need advise on my ULIP investment- on whether I should continue or surrender it.

It was opened on Feb 2007 for a half yearly premium of 20000 (40K annual). It has a sum assured of 4,00,000.

I have paid 2,20,000 as of now and its current Fund Value is 2,76,000. I like to know:
if its good to keep it running or surrender?
If I surrender then how much money will I get back?
If I surrender then what are the other good options reinvest?


Advise on ULIP – Withdram or Continue
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  1. You didn’t mention the name of the product.
    Anyway, just check out the charges of the plan for the remaining term. If they are still high, exit from it and invest in equity mutual funds and Gold ETF.
    Be sure to check surrender charges also.
    You can find all these charges in your policy bond.
    Hope it will help you.

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