About the investment in Balanced mutual funds?

Dear sir,
I want to invest 50000 in balanced mutual funds. which are the best mutual funds to invest, What will be the return on this investment in the present scenario after a year

About the investment in Balanced mutual funds?
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  1. You can invest in HDFC prudence. It is the on of the oldest balanced funds and has been a consistent performer. As for returns, other than the almighty, no one can predict the returns. If you see past performance of the fund, it has been 20-30%, though don’t expect tghe same.

  2. Dear Bhushan
    A one year tenure is a very short tenure for Balanced Funds
    As the name suggests that atleast 50% of your investment will be in equity .[ In lay mans terms shares.]

    More so most balanced funds have higher exposure to equity .
    The best balanced fund in terms of return HDFC Prudence has 75% exposure in equity as on date.

    So if your timing is wrong you may loose your capital
    E.g the worst period was 26/09/2008 – 27/10/2008 where the scheme gave a return of -25.79 %

    So requesting you to increase your tenure to three years in which case i will suggest you do a SIP for one year and then review your investment regularly.

    In case you are looking for a safer investment choose debt based funds for one year tenure.
    Historic Return HDFC Prudence Fund


    Equity form


    For more info drop me a line on [email protected]

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