about money returns invested in PPF?

I am investing in SBI PPF from dec2008 monthly 2000/- (like a sip)
Now my doubt is that how about the returns (15 years lock period)
If I continue like investing every month 2000 for 15 years how do I get returns..and how much..and when..

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  1. First of all you are doing a great job by investing in SIP mode in PPF.
    The returns are 8% compounded annually. As its annually, you will get 8% on 24000 for first year which will be 1920. Total will be 25920. Next year you will get 8% on 25920+24000.Its like that. Hope you understood.
    Check this link for your final amount

    PPF is best instrument among all debt-kind of instruments. As the interest and withdrawal is tax free. And also you will be eligible for tax deduction under 80C
    But as per the new tax-code, planned to implement in 2011, though the interest is tax free, but withdrawal will be taxable.( Thats so sad, as PPF was only tax free instrument till now. Others like NSC, Kisan Vikas Patra, Postal PPF are all tax eligible till now and remain so in new tax-code)
    Also check following links

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