a diploma in Intellectual property rights for science graduates?

hey i have completed a BSc chemistry and vocational biotechnology and wish to appear for the 2009 MBA entrances..since this year i would be doing nothing but preparing for the entrances i thought that i would take up a diploma in intellectual property rights which i have heard is pretty suited for science grads? i want to know how useful this course would be and if not suggested what other short time/ diploma courses could i look forward to,to avoid a one year gap which would be disastrous if i had to apply for an MBA college as i would be answerable to it

a diploma in Intellectual property rights for science graduates?
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  1. Without knowing your future employment plans, an Intellectual Property Rights diploma could be interesting but not very useful. You will learn enough about intellectual property in the MBA program, in the Business Law course(s) to meet most day-to-day situations. If you are going to specialize in some aspect of Intellectual Property it could be helpful but highly atypical of an MBA applicant.

    My advice (I have an MBA and JD and am an adjunct professor at a local university) is to look at the MBA program to see what undergraduate business courses you must take before entering the actual MBA program. Often it is as many as 30 credits for a Science based undergraduate degree. This, of course depends on your undergraduate electives, work experience and the specif MBA program. It is the equivalent of a Business undergraduate entering a graduate program in Chemistry. You lack the basic business foundation courses.

    A good alternative is to look into different MS or MA programs in business that do not require the business foundation courses as a prerequisite for taking the advanced business courses.

    Another alternative is to enroll as a nonmatriculated student. Many colleges will allow students to enter the program before being formally accepted. This is usually limited to about 6 credits.

    My last advice is to make yourself more competitive, either work or volunteer in a field that would make you a desireable candidate for the program you are making application. The schools love experience, including volunteers. Take undergraduate business courses as well.

    Good luck

  2. Dear friend,MBA for a science student will be difficult if one does not read some business subjects before admission.Therefore,I would advise u to read the basic commerce n business management papers during the one year period that u have with u n also prepare for CAT test ,which is very tough.If u qualify CAT ur career is built.

    So,I would advise u to not try any thing except getting prepared for CAT n reading some basic commerce n management papers , to which a science student has no access.

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