1 crore life insurance in india?

Hello All,

I am 29, s/w engineer, want to have a full term life insurance policy in India of Rs.1 crore for a very long period of time (35+ years, may be till end of my life), can anyone suggest me please-

1- Which company will be best to give at lowest yearly premium rate?
2- How much lowest premium rate would be?

Please provide any other suggestion if you can. Thanks a lot in advance !!


1 crore life insurance in india?
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2 Replies to “1 crore life insurance in india?”

  1. great question.
    i would advice to you to do the following.
    find out the most riskest period of your life. (say you already have a family and two kids) these 10 years till your younger kid is 10 years is the most riskest of your life. you need to have the highest cover for that period. (plz note you are also working for these 10 years and have helped your family to prepare the egg nest and retirement funds.) the next 10 years, the risk reduces you can therefore have a lesser risk cover for those next 10 years. after 20 years and you are still alive, the risk still reduces therefore less cover is need.
    if i were you i would split the 1 C into 25 L each and take the 25 L cover from 4 companies. the first 10 years will be full 1 C. the next 10 years 75 L, the next 10 years 50L and so forth. i would strongly advice you to take one HDFC and one religare. remaining are your choices.

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