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myage is 30 yrs i want insurance policy with pension benefit for whole life

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my age is 30 years i want a insurance policy which give me benefit of pension till my life or after my life to my nominee the pension amount is paid  yearly premium should be between rs 25000 -  40000 p.a. payable  for 15-21 years
tell me the best plan but i prefer LIC or  SBI LIFE INSURANCE
please also mention the fund value and sum assured and the maturity amount which i can get after the maturity means 20 years or whatever
asked Dec 4, 2010 in Insurance by anonymous  



2 Answers

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After the new norms of IRDA w.r.f. Sep 1, 2010, it's better to avoid pension plans from insurance companies. You can get better return return from equity mutual funds or even PPF. Start investing in them via SIP and get tax-free returns as compared to taxable pension from insurance pension plans.

The following link will help you.

answered Dec 4, 2010 by admin (48,820 points)   6 7 13
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there is a product if tata aig..which can help you in this particular matter..if you have trust in tata aig..then i can provide you some other information.
answered May 4, 2011 by anonymous  

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