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My aim is to let my sons remembers & enjoy the benifit after I am no longer there.

I am willing to invest not for me but my childern & may not touch them in my life time.

Pl. suggest shares not the industries/ segments.
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You can not trust any company for such a long-term. Get the lesson from Satyam scam. The companies like Reliance Industries, NTPC, BHEL, L&T etc. seems to be good. But still, I think it's good to review your portfolio from time to time rather than forgetting them. Another way is to invest in good equity diversified mutual funds. There, it's the headache of fund manager to choose companies. But you need to review that also.

I suggest you to instead of giving shares to your children, teach them the basics of investments. Share your experience with them. That will help them throughout their life.

Hope it will help you.
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