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With relation to my previous Q.why dept not pay the full interest of RD if the investor death ? As Rs 5000/-every month paid to the RD a/c till maturity by the nominee with a discussion to the P M If there is no system to pay the full interest why P M not inform to the nominee of the investor while he was going to continue the RD till maturity, otherwise he may close the RD after death of the investor or he may ask for transfer that R D a/c to the nominees name or he may opened new a/c. Whose fault that I not get the full interest after completion of maturity period (60 installment).
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It's the first and foremost duty of investor to study the financial product fully and carefully before investing hard earned money. Did you go through all the terms and conditions of RD before signing the application form? Do not invest your money just because all others are investing or you're seeing lots of ads in media.

This website, like many others, gives details about almost every financial scheme present in the market with their pros and cons. Learn the art of investing.

Blaming Post office is of no use. It's India.

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