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I opend R.D.a/c at P.O. on Feb 2010 in the name of my wife and it was continuied for 60 Month.Though that period my wife expired on Aug 2013.On Feb 15 it was matured I was the nominee.All procedures completed principal amnt is 300000 what will be the interest amount. Sir kindly tell me the total interest amount.Bcoz at present P.O.calculated interest amount only 30950/-Is it right?
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1 Answer

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You'll get RD interest only for that period in which your wife i.e. the investor was alive; even though you informed Post office later on. So, you will get interest from Feb 2010 to Aug 2013 and not for full 5 years. RD calculator is given at http://www.investmentkit.com/government/rd-calculator.shtml Hope it will help you. Admin
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