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Hi, I am 26 yrs old unmarried person my income is 60k per month and I am a central govt employee, I have bank account with SBI and want to invest into mutual funds and stocks.

Current Investment :

1.       SBI Gold ETF

(a)    Mode of Investment : SIP

(b)   Duration : 36 months, Status Now : 19/36

(c)    Amount : 1000/- pm

2.       SBI Pharma

(a)    Mode of Investment : lumpsum (bought this month)

(b)   Duration : not fixed will hold atleast for 1 year

(c)    Amount : 5000/-

3.       SBI Infrastructure (bought this month)

(a)    Mode of Investment : lumpsum

(b)   Duration : not fixed will hold atleast for 1 year

(c)    Amount : 7000/-

4.       Chit Funds in village

(a)    Mode of Investment : SIP

(b)   Duration around 2 yrs (1 year remaining)

(c)    Amount : 8000/- pm

(d)   Maturity amount : around 2.8 lacs

5.       Provident Fund

(a)    Mode of Investment : SIP

(b)   Duration : Not fixed

(c)    Amount : 20,000/- pm


Future Investment :

I want to do invest 15,000/- from next month onwards in equity funds, please guide me if I have choosen correct fund for investment, let me know if any amendments need to be made

Requirements :

1.       I want to invest into SBI mutual funds only

2.       Don’t have to invest into insurance policy as I am already insured





SBI Emerging Bussiness


12 yrs


SBI Global Magnum


11 yrs



9 yrs

SBI Pharma


7 years



5 years



Investment in Stocks :

I want to invest into direct stocks may be after 6 months If at all I have some spare money to take risk so which one is the best trading account, Since I have account with SBI shall I go with them. Once invested in stock I rarely keep track of it, its like investing and then forgetting for 6-8 months and then having a look at it and do necessary amendments if required, I am planning to invest every 6 months into stocks the spare money which I will be having.

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1 Answer

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First of all, do not invest only in 1 mutual fund company. Diversify your funds and AMC.

We've given a complete article on recommended mutual funds at http://www.investmentkit.com/articles/2013/01/best-indian-mutual-funds-for-2013/

Just go through the list.

Remove SBI Infrastructure Fund from your portfolio.

And how come you're investing Rs.20,000 PM in PPF? The annual limit of PPF is Rs.1,00,000

Beware of chit funds also. It's better to invest in bank FD rather than in chit funds.

Leave SBI Global Fund and IT fund. You can invest in Gold ETF fund or Gold mutual fund.

Check here http://www.investmentkit.com/articles/2012/11/13-ways-to-invest-in-gold-in-india/

If you don't anything about stock market, I would recommend you to stway away from it. It's better for you to invest in mutual funds via SIP every month and invest in lump-sum whenever stock market crashes.

Hope it will help you.

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