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Good morning!!!

First of all, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for all your supports through your website. So kind of.

I am a NRI and working for Aramco (The largest Oil Producing Co. in the world) for last 17 years. I got an offer to invest in World Trade Center, Noida, New Delhi with the following conditions:

  1. Assured return of 12% Per Annum until possession.
  2. Flexibility of payment (I mean, I can pay 25% + 25+ 25+ 25) with assured return …
  3. First Lease Agreement for 3 years which approx. give also around 12% return on my investment amount.

Note:  - It is World Trade Center and I am interested with this brand name. The builder is international reputed builder…

My objective is to consider this as a pension plan for generation together which I shall get as rental income.

Kindly advise, if there is any risky on this regard.


Sanjeeb Rath

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1 Answer

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Thanks for your positive feedback.

I won't suggest you to invest in this project. First of all, the fine prints of terms and conditions for 12% assured returns are too complex. Have you read them in detail?

The under-construction property is itself is in risk. All above, you're not living or can visit place of construction frequently to monitor any development.

Forget it.

Just invest in some property where you can monitor yourself. Don't be greedy in name of the building or city. Check ground reality.

Better you invest in Gold, PPF, mutual funds and track them.

Hope it will  help you.

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