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My current investment is like this:

1.HDFC Super Endowment Pla :-
    Premium - 30000 Half Yearly
    Term - 30yrs
    Current Status - 3yrs Completed(locking period completed)
    S.A - 24 Lacs
    Benefits told by insurer - Will receive around 1cr lumpsum at maturity

2. HDFC Pension Plan:-

    Premium :- 8000 Half Yearly
    Term - 30yrs
    Current Status - 3yrs Completed(locking period completed)
    Benefits told by insurer - Will receive a good lumpsum at maturity

3.LIC Insurance plans
    One is Jeevan Saral and another is similar plan
    Premium is monthly 1100 each and for duration of 20yrs.

So,as of now I'm investing 1Lac if I sum up all of these mentioned above.

Now,I want to invest more around 50k anually more through which I want to get back best and maximum possible returns.

Now my queries are :

1.For my HDFC Super Endowment plan,right now premium payment is half yearly.So,the units are purchased twice in a year.If i convert this into monthly premium,will it be beneficial to me.

2. As my both the policies from hdfc has completed 3yrs and locking period is over.So its my wish as to further deposit the premium or not.
Is there any better option that these policies to invest this 78000 amount and can get better and assured returns.

3.Where to invest rest of the 50k amount.For this 50k,I want to invest in such a way that I can cover my short term targets like kids education and all other major household expenses in next 20yrs.
So I want some return when my kid goes to school,some when he comes into 6 class or 11 class when I have to spend extra for better education and some when college education starts.

4.Whether its better to take one big term insurance or to take 2-3 term insurance and shall I take term insurance when I am 35 so that I'm covered till the age of 65-70.


My age is 27,recently married.


Thanks a ton for your valuable time.




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1 Answer

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Either you've calculated the maturity value of your insurance plans in wrong way or your agent has mis-guided you. Don't dream of 1 crore on maturity. The actual figure is very far from it.

Come to reality now. You've done a big mistake and now is the time to rectify it.

Exit from all the insurance plans. Take online term insurance from a single company and for investments, invest in equity mutual funds, PPF, and Gold ETF / mutual funds.




Hope it will help you.

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