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I have just stepped into the time of my life when I have begun to take interest in Stock Market investment. A few days ago I found that my father had bought some shares from  another shareholder. We happen to have all the papers but there are two problems;

1. No one in my family has understanding of how the share market investment works, including me.

2. The purchase was done in years 1985.

Within my father's best knowledge, he had sent the transfer request that was returned by this pharmaceutical company stating following;

"The above mentioned transfer deed/s and share certificate/s is/are returned for the reasons mentioned in item/s no I below:

ITEM I being: Transfer Deed/s has/have been lodged after the time limit prescribed under section 108 of the Companies Act 1956. Our Register of Members and Share Transfer Register remained closed from 30-11-85 to 6-12-85.

There are additional details given;


TRANFER DEED DTD. : 30-11-85



I will be grateful if someone could throw some light on the issue. Is there a way to resolve the problem (if there is any). I wanted to give a last effort from my end to not let it be wasted.


Thanks & Regards
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