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I want to invest Rs.15,000/- to 20,000/- pm which I don't want to touch for next 5 years.  The investment should be under Govt. scheme with good returns.  I am already having PPF a/c in SBI.  Can I open another PPF account in any other Bank? Thanks,CN
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You can not open 2 PPF account as per Govt. rules.

For a time horizon of 5 years, You can invest in Senior Citizens scheme, if you're eligible.

Post office RD scheme

You can also consider balanced mutual funds, which invest 60% in equity & 40% in debt.

Hope it will help you.
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The age & the risk appitite of the person is essential to answer the question.

What are yours?
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Ruchi Kedia
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I am Rajesh Sharma,Advisor,Birla Sun Life Insurance. The company has a unique and the best plan in the industry. Choose your monthly premium and invest it for 20 years. You money will be invested in govt. securities and debt.
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