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I want to invest only for short term  period. ( maxi.5 yrs). I want gud return with low risk MFunds. I want to invest 2 separate MFs like rs.2,500 per month each. One is from HDFC and other from RELIANCE. which one is best scheme from  both??? or else???

I am eagerly waiting ur reply.... pls tell me with maturity benefit amount also...
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2 Answers

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at that time you do sip of sbi contra fund 2000 and uti dividend yeild fund uti 2000 and 1000 hdfc top 200
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I don't know how do you define "low risk". You need to understand balance mutual funds and equity diversified mutual funds. Search for these terms in Google to get clear understanding on these funds before you invest.

In balance funds, you can go for HDFC Prudence Fund & SBI balanced Fund.

The maturity amount is not fixed and can vary every year.

Hope it will help you.
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