Which is best one time investment plan in India to get maximum return in long term of 15 years?

by admin on January 17, 2013. Updated May 2, 2013

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My sister is 35 years old. She wants to make a one time investment in such a way that she gets Approximately Rs 15000/- per month after she is 50. She does not want risk cover. Should she go for some pension plan? If yes which pension plan is best. Where other than pension plans can she invest where the returns are tax free. Should she go for unit linked plans or Mutual fund? How much will she need to invest? Please guide


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PANKAJFOX January 17, 2013 at 12:40 pm
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For building retirement corpus, unless India grows in double digit, best is to keep depositing in P.P.F. which gives about 8% interest and after 15 years you can withdraw from the same. This covers for the largely absent social security and is also tax exempt.
Other good investment is to take a combination of 5 year M.I.P. and Recurring deposit in a Post Office which requires one time capital investment and gives decent returns. It can be renewed every five years.
Pension plans unlike their name, also have riders and one may want to look at guaranteed returns and endowment plans, if considering them for investment. Still, they are safer than equity instruments which promise better returns. Just between U.L.I.P. and M.F., a broad based (non-sector) M.F. is a better investment option.
There is no guaranteed one time shortcut to financial planning[wish there was :) ], it is an ongoing process and every person has to work out on their own combination of investments at younger age for the future. To get 15k per month for say, 20 years, an estimated corpus of approx. 40 lac will be required at 50.
Hope this helps.


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