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  1. Pankaj
    December 13, 2011

    You can send the money to your friend’s account by wire transfer. It will take 2-3 working days
    you need to go to the sbi branch which has a facility of international funds transfer

    • Rajendra Acharya
      September 3, 2012

      Dear guest,

      i think money transfer from SBI to nepal is not the proper way.

      better option may be from Punjab national bank to Everest bank Nepal. which very easy.

      1. you ask your friend to find the closest person on which he can trust having the account in Everest Bank Nepal.
      2. Take Bank details from your friend
      Account holder’s name :
      Account No.:
      address of Everest bank branch where account holder maintained account :
      3. go to nearest Punjab national (any branch)
      4. fill up the draft
      mentioning above details+
      one more account no.:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (account no. of Everest bank in Punjab bank)
      5. deposit the money there
      that’s it
      for any confusion u can ask the bank persons, definitely they will help you.
      the money will be there within 3/4 working days max.

      Edited by Admin: The a/c no. of Everest bank in PNB has been removed from the above post. Please check the whole procedure and a/c no. from Punjab National Bank officials.

  2. Moti Lal Jaisi
    February 7, 2013

    hello this is moti lal jaisi i have Kathmandu bank account and i have also Nepal SBI account in Nepal i want send money from india to nepal kathmandu bank please ex-plane me how i send money


    • Bhim
      March 1, 2013

      Try Electronic Fund Transfer. Very Easy.
      50 thousand per transaction
      12 transactions per year
      Hope you find it useful.
      Nepal SBI site explains everything

  3. Roshan
    October 7, 2014

    I have visit many sbi bank in india to sand money to my mum , But the sbi staff ues to say no idia about nepal how to sand .

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