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6 Answers

  1. jeff410 on Dec 15, 2010 reply

    In the long term, mutual funds will provide the best expected return.

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  2. aby alex on Dec 15, 2010 reply

    Mutual funds are more profitable if it is invested for a longer period of time.it is based the market conditions whereas fixed deposits gives a fixed percentage of interest based on the period invested.

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  3. iluv2tradestks on Dec 15, 2010 reply

    Fixed deposits are always profitable. Best would be a CD or corporate money. Over 98% of all managed mutual funds are negative for 2008. Most are down from 15%-40%. Long term, the mutual funds will be the better investment. It is best if you switch between mutual funds yearly or semi annually. When times are bad like now, you would have switched to a money market mutual fund last Dec. When the market turns around, you switch to growth of value funds.

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  4. Rumit S on Dec 15, 2010 reply

    mutual funds are profitable for a long term & fixed deposits is profitable for specific period

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  5. rajesh n on Dec 15, 2010 reply

    bank fds are profitable

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  6. Hande on Jun 14, 2012 reply

    Basic – 11250
    DA- 6050
    HRA- 1435

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